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How to Obtain ID Cards in New Jersey

Knowing how to obtain an ID card in New Jersey can be crucial for those who are unable to obtain a state drivers license. Having a form of identification can aid you throughout your day-to-day life, and obtaining a DMV ID card is a straightforward process. It is important to understand how to apply for ID card credentials including the eligibility requirements that you will need to meet in order to do so. For more ID card information, including the eligibility requirements, application process and how to renew or replace a New Jersey DMV ID card, review the sections that are presented for you below.

Eligibility Requirements for a New ID Card in New Jersey

In order to obtain an ID card, there are certain eligibility requirements that you must first be able to meet. In order to obtain an NJ DMV ID card you must be at least 14 years of age, be a New Jersey resident, and either be a United States citizen or have a legal presence within the country. You may not have an ID card and drivers license at the same time, and will be required to surrender your drivers license, if you have one, when requesting an identification card. This includes drivers licenses that were provided by another state.

Having a New Jersey ID card does not permit you to drive and is solely designed for the purpose of providing identification.

How to Apply for ID Card in New Jersey

You may be wondering if you can apply for identification cards online when it comes time for you to obtain your state ID. Unfortunately, the MVA does not permit residents to apply for an ID card online and you must instead visit your local motor vehicle agency or request to receive an application form through the mail.

Should you choose to visit a local MVC office, you will be required to complete an ID card application as well as provide documentation that satisfies the 6 Points of Identification. You should always make sure that you meet have adequate identification prior to your visit as it could save you an additional trip to the MVA. Documentation that can be used for your 6 points of identification towards your DMV ID card application include birth certificates, United States passports, marriage certificates, Social Security cards and school photo IDs. Ensure that all of your submitted documents are original or certified copies as the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will not accept any documents that appear to have been tampered with or altered in any way and will not accept photocopied or faxed documentation for any reason.

Once your DMV ID card application has been completed and your six points of identification satisfied, you will be required to have your photo taken for your identification card.

Where to Renew ID Card in New Jersey

Due to the fact that your NJ ID card is only valid for four years, there will come a time when you will need to renew it. The state does not permit residents to renew ID card online, so just like when you applied for your initial ID card, you will have to return to your local motor vehicle agency in order to renew. When you visit an MVA office to renew ID card, you will need to provide your DMV ID card renewal fee, proof of your current residence, and you will need to provide proof of identification.

Additionally, if you are a resident with a disability who is seeking to renew your ID card, have a licensed physician complete the certification portion of your application, which will provide the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission with proof of your disability. Should you choose to do this, you will not be charged a renewal fee.

How to Replace a Lost ID Card or in New Jersey

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to replace an ID card, but fortunately the process to replace ID cards is as simple and straight forward as applying for a new identification card. You will need to visit your local New Jersey motor vehicle agency and provide proof of address, the New Jersey DMV ID card replacement fee and meet the 6 Points of Identification required documentation.

If you are requesting a replacement due to a stolen or lost ID card, you should file a police report in addition to obtaining a new ID card, as this can help you prevent any identity theft and provide a paper trail should you need to report any fraudulent activities. There is also a chance that your New Jersey ID card could have been turned into the police station.

Another common reason to request to replace ID card credentials is for any updates such as a name change or address change. If you are requesting a new DMV ID card due to a legal name change, the Motor Vehicle Commission will also require you to provide proof of your name change with documentation such as a court order, certified marriage certificate, divorce decree or adoption papers.

Another common reason to replace an ID card in NJ is to update your organ donor status or to request a veteran designation on your ID. If requesting a replacement DMV ID card and you would like to have a veteran designation added to your ID, be sure to bring an original or photocopy of your honorable or general military discharge documentation.

As of September of 2014, New Jersey now allows those who are insulin dependent diabetics to voluntarily request that a designation be added to their DMV ID card application and card in order to reflect their medical condition.