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How to Renew Drivers License in New Jersey

Motorists are required to complete drivers license renewal in New Jersey every four years in order to maintain their driving privileges. While drivers license renewal online is not available to New Jersey residents, the state provides easy renewals through their Skip the Trip program. It is important that you renew drivers license credentials on time, as failing to do so could lead to an expired license and the loss of driving privileges. Learn more about renewing drivers license credentials in New Jersey, including the steps for military renewals and out of state renewals, before getting started and to avoid consequences.

New Jersey DMV License Renewal Requirements

Knowing how to renew a drivers license in New Jersey, as well as what will be expected of you, is a crucial part of maintaining your driving privileges. You can complete your drivers license renewal up to six months prior to the current expiration date on your driver’s license, but you will need to complete a renewal every four years. To renew your driver’s license, you will need to still be a resident of New Jersey and maintain a legal presence within the United States. Should you want to learn how to renew drivers license credentials in person, you should know that you need to submit your proof of address and your Six Points of Identification.

How to Renew a Drivers License in New Jersey by Mail

Many state drivers wonder, “Can you renew your license online in New Jersey?” and unfortunately it is not an option. Since the option to renew drivers license online is unavailable, motorists must either take advantage of the New Jersey mail-in renewals or visit their local motor vehicle agency. Since an online drivers license renewal is not available, the mail-in renewals that the state allows for are often the easiest and most convenient way to complete the process. Renewing a drivers license by mail, commonly referred to as Skip the Trip, is available to most state drivers license holders. Those eligible will receive their drivers license renewal material and instructions by mail. The applicant’s renewed drivers license will arrive by mail within 10 business days after the Motor Vehicle Commission has received his or her completed form. Residents must make sure to provide the driving license renewal fee with their completed Skip the Trip forms, as a new license will not be issued until the Motor Vehicle Commission has received that payment.

Some of the most common reasons that a driver is excluded from the Skip the Trip mail-in driver license renewal process is due to active suspensions, temporary restrictions, the need for a new photo to be taken in person and if requirements for an ignition interlock device on a driver’s vehicle. Additionally, if drivers require a change of address or name change, then they will need to complete the process by visiting one of their local New Jersey motor vehicle agencies.

Where to Renew Drivers License in New Jersey

If you are unable to renew drivers license credentials with the New Jersey Skip the Trip program, then you will need to visit your local motor vehicle agency in order to complete the process in person. When visiting the motor vehicle agency for an NJ drivers license renewal, it is important that you bring your driving license renewal fee, proof of your current address and your Six Points of Identification. As part of your renewal, you will also be required to take a new photo that will be used in your new driving license. Remember, you can renew your drivers license up to six months prior to your expiration date and the motor vehicle agency is often the busiest at the end of the week and month.

Completing a New Jersey Drivers License Renewal While Out of State

If you need to renew driver’s license cards in New Jersey, but you are currently out of state and expect to remain so for an extended period of time, then the state allows drivers to request a one-time out of state renewal. This method of DMV license renewal is most commonly used by college students or by those who are traveling abroad, but is available to anyone who can meet the criteria. Eligibility for an out of state driving license renewal includes having a driver license that is about to expire or has been expired for a period that is less than three years. Additionally, you must be a resident of New Jersey and a United States citizen, as out of state renewals are not eligible for those who have a temporary visa status. In order to renew a drivers license, you must provide the motor vehicle agency with a letter that explains why you are unable to visit a physical location, when you intend to return to New Jersey, a completed application, your drivers license renewal fee in the form of a check or money order and proof of permanent address.

Active Military Drivers License Renewal in New Jersey

You may be wondering how to renew a drivers license in New Jersey if you are an active military personnel who has been deployed. Fortunately, New Jersey provides both you and your immediate family members an automatic extension of your driver’s license. Once you have returned from active duty, you will be given 90 days to complete a drivers license renewal before your credentials will expire. This DMV license renewal extension is also provided to the New Jersey National Guard and Reserve personnel.

Failing to Renew Drivers License in New Jersey

Should you fail to renew drivers license credentials during the allotted time period, your driver license will expire beginning on the day after your expiration date. Having an expired drivers license can quickly become problematic, as you will no longer be able to legally operate a motor vehicle. Failing to complete a driver license renewal can also become problematic if you use your license as a form of identification, as it will no longer be valid. Once you have an expired driver’s license, you will need to renew it within a three-year period. Otherwise, you will need to apply for a brand new driving license and redo all of your testing should you ever try to obtain a license again.