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New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance

New Jersey insurance for motorcycle riders is essential in order to protect their investment in the event of an accident. Motorcycle insurance also covers them should they get injured during an accident. Motorcycle insurance is required of all motorcycle riders in the state. If the owner of a motorcycle does not meet the obligation to purchase motorcycle coverage, the owner may be subject to penalties from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for failing to do so. There are a bevy of motorcycle insurance companies from which riders can obtain affordable motorcycle insurance. Finding the best motorcycle insurance for your needs should not present too great a challenge. It is wise to compare motorcycle insurance quotes you may obtain with those from other motorbike insurance providers.

New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Residents are required to get motorcycle insurance as mandated by law. There are specific minimum coverages that are mandatory. Similar to auto insurance, NJ motorcycle insurance policies have two tiers, basic and standard. Basic motorcycle coverage allows for $5,000 in property damage and an option for $10,000 in coverage for injury or death to more than one person. Bodily injury options are not available with basic coverage. The basic policy is typically cheap motorcycle insurance and is designed for young riders who do not have much in the way of assets to shield from litigation. You may prefer to purchase full coverage motorcycle insurance if you can afford or if you have more assets to protect. Standard motorcycle insurance policies provide for $5,000 in property damage, $15,000 in the event of an injury or death for one person and $30,000 for injury or death for more than one person. Standard coverage is the most popular option among motorcycle riders. These are minimum motorcycle insurance requirements. Riders may of course purchase more than the minimum requirements. Purchasing the standard policy and/or raising the limits of your coverage increases the cost of coverage.

Penalties for Not Having Motorcycle Insurance in New Jersey

Proof of motorcycle insurance must accompany riders along with their motorcycle license whenever they are operating their bike. Riding a motorcycle without the state-required motorbike insurance may result in a $300 fine, a suspension of your driver’s license for one year, and community service to be determined by the judge presiding over your case. If you are found to be driving your motorcycle without motorcycle insurance in New Jersey for a second time, the penalties increase. The penalties for a second offense of driving without motorbike coverage include a $500 fine, a suspension of your driver’s license for two years, incarceration for two full weeks and 30 days of community service.

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance

“How much is motorcycle insurance?” is a common question motorcycle riders may ask. They may also wonder how to get motorcycle insurance. Acquiring affordable motorcycle insurance is an easy task as riders can search for motorcycle insurance online. Insurance companies offering motorbike coverage in NJ make it easy to get an online motorcycle insurance quote. You can simply visit their website and use their online tools to request a quote. Motorcycle insurance costs can vary from company to company and from rider to rider. Your motorcycle insurance cost takes a number of factors to determine. Among the information needed to generate an online motorcycle insurance quote includes:

  • Your name, the address of your place of residence and your current contact information.
  • Your driver’s license number as well as your Social Security Number.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) of your motorcycle.
  • A description of any safety features your motorcycle may have.
  • The location where your motorcycle will be stored and how you intend to use it.

You can use several different motorcycle insurance companies to provide you with quotes. And you can save money by comparing motorcycle insurance quotes, so it behooves you to do some comparison shopping and secure as many motorcycle insurance quotes as you can. Once you find the best policy for your needs, whether it is cheap motorcycle insurance or full coverage motorcycle insurance, you can proceed with initiating the policy.

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