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Child Support in New Jersey

New Jersey child support services are overseen by the Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Family Development (DFD) Office of Child Support Services (OCSS). “What is child support?” is a question asked by parents who find themselves going through a divorce where it is an issue. Child support is a service provided for parents who find themselves raising a child on their own and need monetary aid from the parent not living with the child. Child support cases define the parent not living with the child as the noncustodial parent and the parent who is living with the child as the custodial parent. The DHS provides child support enforcement for parents who need such services. Enforcement of child support can include locating noncustodial parents who try to avoid making payments and can even include administering paternity tests if the parentage of the child is in doubt. Child support cases are often difficult and a lawyer can prove helpful when trying to figure out the complicated laws and court proceedings. Residents can get child support legal services here. Child support lawyers also know what services parents are legally entitled to or should ask for. Find more information about how to file a child support case in New Jersey below.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Support Attorney in New Jersey

New Jersey child support cases often wind up in court and the legal process can prove daunting for parents who are unfamiliar with it. Child support lawyers typically have years of experience assisting parents through the process and can ease the parents’ burden by making sure they are prepared for the day when they present their case in court. Child support cases requiring proof of the paternity of a noncustodial father are more complicated. Child support attorneys prepare parents for what is to come and can help their clients feel more confident and comfortable going through a trying process. Even once a case for child support has been presented and ruled in a parent’s favor, he or she may have difficulties with enforcement with the noncustodial parent. Getting a parent to make child support payments in a timely manner is one example. Child support lawyers can also help with many of the legal issues attached to such cases. Child support cases in New Jersey can often include matters of divorce, custody arrangements and various other civil issues.

Child support lawyers’ fees range in price, depending on many variables. These factors include child support attorney fees for cases, the amount of time they bill to you and how complex your particular case proves. Fees for a child support lawyer are likely to be expensive, but the advantage of having his or her expertise at your disposal makes hiring one well worth the investment. You can get child support legal services here.

What does child support cover in New Jersey?

Once applications for New Jersey child support are filed and processed, the OCSS arranges for you to start receiving your payments, as well as ensures all court orders are appropriately enforced. Enforcement of child support orders does not fall under the responsibilities of the parents. The OCSS enforces child support using a variety of methods. Some of the tools at their disposal include attaching support to noncustodial parents’ wages, taking their income tax refunds and even taking lottery winnings. Child support enforcement also permits the OCSS to place liens on property, including vehicles, and the department can take funds from bank accounts and investments. To enforce child support, the OCSS may also suspend driver’s licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and revoke or deny a passport and report the matter to all the credit bureaus.

The courts and/or OCSS may cancel child support payments in certain instances. If the custodial parent does not cooperate and his or her cooperation is vital to carry out the enforcement, then child support may be terminated. Child support services may be cancelled if the OCSS cannot contact the custodial parent for 60 days and the mail being sent to him or her gets returned by the postal service. If the noncustodial parent should die, be committed to an institution, move to another country or otherwise goes for more than four years without being able to be contacted, then the OCSS may terminate support. If the child dies, then the OCSS terminates support services. New Jersey child support services are terminated 60 days after custodial parents are notified of the action by the OCSS. To get legal help with child support in NJ, click here.

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