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Legal Services in New Jersey

From New Jersey DUI information to child support services, residents will find themselves needing legal counsel at some point in their lives. Finding yourself charged with DUI violations makes it important to hire an attorney. DUI consequences can be extremely harsh and you will need assistance dealing with such penalties. You may also start asking yourself how to fight a traffic ticket in New Jersey and that is when a lawyer can assist you in getting out of paying fines and associated court costs. Parking violations are another nuisance that can end up costing inconvenient amounts of money. A New Jersey ticket attorney can not only help you avoid paying parking citations, but he or she can also help you get out of having your driving privileges suspended. Divorce is another stressful and unpleasant event in one’s life. Oftentimes, child support is a major component of divorce proceedings. Child support lawyers are useful to help you navigate the legal system in such circumstances. The need for child support services are often attached to a divorce proceedings. Not many individuals possess the means or the need to keep an attorney on retainer, which is why legal services are often in demand and unfamiliar for residents when they find themselves in situations requiring them. Learn more about what happens if you get a DUI in New Jersey and find a ticket lawyer and other legal counsel in the state in the following pages.

DUIs in New Jersey

New Jersey DUI and DWI charges result when someone operates a vehicle after consuming intoxicants. Drivers often avoid learning about DUI information and rarely ask themselves, “What happens if you get a DUI?” until after they find themselves charged with drunk driving. DUI laws in New Jersey are very stringent in order to discourage people from committing such offenses. Consequences can entail things such as fines, incarceration and almost certainly a lengthy suspension of driving privileges. Getting a DUI for a second time brings more severe penalties upon a conviction. A DUI lawyer can be of the most assistance for such situations, as a DUI attorney is trained and experienced in fighting related charges. Retaining a DWI lawyer is highly advisable even for drivers who have been charged with DUI violations and decide not to contest the charges. Residents can find a New Jersey DUI lawyer here. Hiring an experienced and competent attorney for DWI charges can help reduce the consequences or even get clients out of suffering those penalties entirely. Read More

Child Support in New Jersey

New Jersey child support services are overseen by the Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Family Development (DFD) Office of Child Support Services (OCSS). “What is child support?” is a question asked by parents who find themselves going through a divorce where it is an issue. Child support is a service provided for parents who find themselves raising a child on their own and need monetary aid from the parent not living with the child. Child support cases define the parent not living with the child as the noncustodial parent and the parent who is living with the child as the custodial parent. The DHS provides child support enforcement for parents who need such services. Enforcement of child support can include locating noncustodial parents who try to avoid making payments and can even include administering paternity tests if the parentage of the child is in doubt. Child support cases are often difficult and a lawyer can prove helpful when trying to figure out the complicated laws and court proceedings. Residents can get child support legal services here. Child support lawyers also know what services parents are legally entitled to or should ask for. Read More

Traffic Tickets in New Jersey

New Jersey traffic tickets can often be handled by simply paying the fines. However, if traffic violations are of a more serious nature, then it may be required for the offending motorist to appear in court. The law enforcement officers issuing the traffic citations will explain what sort of ticket a driver received and what his or her options are for dealing with it. There is a “pay traffic ticket online” option for many instances. For a more serious traffic violation, offenders may be required to appear in court. Drivers may also wish to contest a minor traffic citation, which also will require them to appear before a judge. Residents are entitled to fight traffic ticket charges and just need to ask for a court date. Some types of traffic fines, such as speeding tickets, have varying degrees of severity. Due to such varying consequences, it is best for offenders to hire a lawyer, especially for more serious charges, which they can do by clicking here. Read More

Parking Tickets in New Jersey

New Jersey parking tickets may be issued for a number of different infractions. Parking violations include parking your vehicle in reserved spaces, such as those meant for drivers with disabilities or protected veterans. The parking authority issues citations for other offenses, such as blocking intersections, driveways, crosswalks and fire hydrants. Motorists may also receive a parking ticket if they stop or park in places where parking is not allowed. Parking citations in NJ come under the discretion of the individual municipalities that issued them. Municipalities may issue a parking citation for a variety of reasons that may vary from town to town. Drivers have options to pay parking tickets if they receive them. Read More

Ticket Attorneys in New Jersey

A New Jersey traffic court lawyer is an invaluable resource for motorists faced with the need to fight traffic ticket fines. An experienced ticket attorney may be the difference between facing harsh penalties for serious offenses and walking out of court with little or no consequences. A skilled traffic lawyer may help offenders avoid large fines and lengthy suspensions of driving privileges. For example, a traffic ticket attorney could have the charges reduced on a violation, in turn reducing the number of points on a driving record. A ticket lawyer knows how to collect the necessary documents and evidence, including material witnesses, necessary for fighting a speeding ticket, as well as other moving violations. Motorists can find a traffic ticket lawyer here. Read More

DUI Attorneys in New Jersey

A New Jersey DUI attorney, as a result of years of specialized training, education and experience, is well-equipped to help defend state motorists who find themselves charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances which may impair their ability to operate a motor vehicle. A DUI defense is always best left to a lawyer. A DUI defense attorney is the professional most suited to constructing a defense to try and lessen the impact of the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Drunk driving lawyers are essential when faced with these charges, as the penalties are often severe and can have a major impact on a resident’s life in several areas. A DWI defense attorney can help clients understand the expensive fines and the amount of time they may have to be incarcerated for upon a conviction. A New Jersey DUI lawyer is specially trained to have knowledge of local laws and can offer the best assistance in avoiding or reducing penalties. Read More

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