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Education Grants and Loans in New Jersey

New Jersey education grants and loans can help you to meet your educational goals, which may be otherwise unattainable if you do not have enough money for your college education. When applying for New Jersey financial aid you may select from state loan or grant programs, as well as scholarships. You may also choose to apply for federal schooling assistance. Scholarships and grants in New Jersey are available for specific groups as well. For example, you may receive educational funds from the Veterans Educational Assistance Program if you are a qualifying former service member. However, New Jersey scholarship, grant and general financial aid programs do not provide automatic benefits. Assistance will be given to you only if you apply for each program and meet any necessary eligibility requirements. Below is a list of some top federal and NJ education grant and loan programs and the benefits you may be eligible to receive through them as well as how to qualify for them.

FAFSA in New Jersey

When applying for federal student aid in New Jersey you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is better known as a FAFSA form. Filling out a FAFSA form will allow you to potentially receive various types of government aid, including grants and loans. Once registered, your application will be processed and your Expected Family Contribution will be calculated. The EFC will be used by your college to determine the type and amount of aid for which you qualify.

FAFSA forms can be filled out online. Your school may also accept FAFSA applications directly. However, you must inquire ahead of time to verify the school policy because not every school processes FAFSA forms.

Perkins and Stafford Loans in New Jersey

New Jersey educational loans include several federal loan options, which may help you if you cannot obtain enough scholarship or grant money for your educational needs. One New Jersey loan type which is offered at the federal level is called a Perkins Loan. Perkins Loans are low-interest loans for college students. The amount of money you may borrow through a Perkins Loan will depend on your current educational status.

Another type of NJ education loan for which you can apply is a Stafford Loan. Stafford Loans are provided by the U.S. Department of Education and are also known as Direct Loans. You must be able to prove that you have a financial need in order to obtain a Stafford Loan. The college you are planning to attend must also be part of the Direct Loan Program. Subsidized Stafford Loans and unsubsidized Stafford Loans are available. Note that you may only receive subsidized Stafford Loan assistance for a period of time equal to 150 percent of your current study program.

Pell Grants in New Jersey

You may also qualify for New Jersey educational assistance in the form of a federal Pell Grant. Pell Grant eligibility requirements dictate that you must be an undergraduate with no degrees in order to receive assistance. To obtain a Pell grant you must fill out a FAFSA application and wait to see if you are accepted. If you are eligible for Pell Grant assistance then the financial aid office of the college to which you are applying can verify the total amount you will receive. You may also collect other grants or educational assistance funds while receiving Pell Grant assistance.

New Jersey TAG Grants

The New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant Program (TAG) may provide assistance to you if you are a qualifying undergraduate student. TAG provides financial aid to approximately one-third of all New Jersey undergraduate students. In order to qualify for TAG, you must be able to prove you are a legal New Jersey resident with financial hardship. You must also be a full-time student unless you attend a county college and specifically apply for the part-time TAG benefits program. The TAG application may be submitted along with your FAFSA form.

New Jersey's NJ STARS and NJ STARS II Programs

The NJ STARS Program is a county college scholarship award program for top New Jersey students. If your end of year high school ranking for your junior or senior year placed you in the leading 15 percent of your class then you may apply for an NJ STARS award. As an NJ STARS recipient, your county college tuition will be paid for a maximum of five semesters, as long as you continuously maintain eligibility. Eligibility requirements for NJ STARS dictate that you must be taking enough college courses per semester to receive 12 credits or more.

An extension of NJ STARS is a New Jersey scholarship award program called NJ STARS II. If you maintain a 3.25 GPA or higher after your NJ STARS benefit has run out then you may qualify for NJ STARS II. You may apply for NJ STARS or the NJ STARS II Extension program directly through the financial aid office at your college as long as the college is enrolled in the NJ STARS Program.

New Jersey EOF Grants

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund is a grant and general assistance program for which you may qualify if you are considered to be financially or educationally disadvantaged. You must fill out an application at one of the approximately 40 New Jersey colleges currently accepting the EOF Program in order to qualify for benefits.

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