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New Jersey Job Search Tools

Making the decision to get a new job is easy. Knowing where to start and what job search tools you can trust is where it gets daunting. These days, separating out the good resources from the bad can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially where the internet is concerned. The good news is that New Jersey has many job search tools available which can be utilized to good effect. Whether you are experienced in your given field, starting fresh down a new career path or simply need something that will fit around other commitments, there are resources available to residents of New Jersey to make job hunting a whole lot easier. The types of tools available to job seekers are as diverse as the job market. From job boards to online and offline classifieds, plus job fairs, careers centers and other hiring events, the following information is bound to contain something that will help you reach the next rung on your career ladder.

New Jersey State Library Program, NJ Works

This campaign was developed by the state library system to provide New Jersey job seekers with resources, training and support groups to guide them towards gaining employment. Example support services include tutorials and workshops in computer skills, online resources to help with GED preparation and events held at both library venues and other community centers in the state. NJ Works regularly hosts job fairs and training events for specific industries, such as healthcare, or individuals from particular backgrounds, like veterans. The platform offered by this program offers a calendar that lists upcoming events and allows access to the complete set of job seekers’ resources.

New Jersey Career Connections

Previously called Jobs4Jersey, New Jersey Career Connections is a service provided by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development which gives users access to career planning resources. This includes interactive tools, a training program directory, career descriptors plus advice on a range of employment related topics. Career Connections gives you opportunities to network with other job seekers and potential employers and tips to help with interview preparation. Much of the above can be navigated online via the Career Connections website. However, there are also One Stop Career Centers located throughout New Jersey where you can attend job fairs and other targeted recruitment events. The fact that Career Connections works with verified partners ensures that the quality of the training provided is high. Example learning programs include basic adult education and literacy classes, Trade Adjustment Assistance, the New Jersey Youth Corps and courses for job seekers aged 55 plus.

New Jersey State Employment Information

New Jersey State provides a wide range of public sector employment opportunities which you may never have considered before. Perhaps you would be well-suited to working as part of the state police force, joining the National Guard or the fire service. Fortunately, the state provides information about the range of opportunities such public sector roles involve as well as a list of current training and job roles. You can also post your resume onto the state website, find out about obtaining permits and licenses and learn about the advantages of working for New Jersey State as a public sector worker by watching informative videos and reading testimonials.

New Jersey Job Fairs

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development provides a comprehensive list of upcoming job fairs taking place across the state. Information includes who the given job fair is appropriate for, the date, the address, the salary range of example positions being recruited for and the contact details for the organizers. This information is available online, through New Jersey Career Connections Centers and directly from the state department.

NJ School Jobs, for New Jersey Teachers

NJ School Jobs is a predominately web-based portal showing the most up-to-date teaching positions across the state. Having strong connections with the New Jersey School Boards Association, the State Department of Education and the New Jersey Education Association, the job postings found through NJ School Jobs are guaranteed to be up to date and trustworthy.

New Jersey Classifieds

A number of daily and weekly newspapers in New Jersey have good quality job classified sections which are available both online and in print. Examples include the Star Ledger and the NJ Herald. There are also classifieds provided by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and those which are separated by region, such as the North Jersey Job Classifieds. Often you can opt to receive notifications from such outlets in order to stay abreast of new opportunities that come up in your interested area. Such avenues tend to be particularly helpful for those seeking part time, ad hoc or entry level work.

New Jersey University and College Career Centers

Many universities and colleges in the state provide current and previous students with useful resources, information and guidance on careers and job opportunities. Examples include Stockton University, The College of New Jersey in Ewing, William Paterson University of New Jersey in Wayne and Drew University in New York. They can also provide details of any pathways into a given careers, for instance internships, graduate trainee programs and apprenticeships.