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Veteran Assistance Programs in New Jersey

New Jersey veteran assistance programs supply supportive services to both military veterans and family members of those who have served in the military. In some cases, NJ programs for veterans also offer aid to active military members for purposes such as higher education. Therefore, if you are a NJ military veteran or the direct family member of a veteran, you may be eligible for special grants to help you continue your education. Other NJ military veteran services which may be available to help you and your family live a more comfortable lifestyle include, but are not limited to, discounted housing, medical assistance and burial benefits. You must take the time necessary to familiarize yourself with all New Jersey and federal veteran assistance programs in order to receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Below you will find types of New Jersey veteran assistance, eligibility requirements and application procedures to help you obtain veteran assistance in New Jersey.

Veteran Housing Assistance in New Jersey

If you are seeking New Jersey veteran housing assistance the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can help you. HUD has its own Veteran Resource Center (HUDVET), which oversees several programs for veterans in need, many of which are available in New Jersey. For example, HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs jointly operate the Federal Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (VASH). New Jersey housing assistance through VASH will provide you with housing vouchers if you qualify. You can use those vouchers to reduce your housing rental payments.

Apply for NJ housing assistance through VASH at your local housing authority or VA office. You will be required to meet the citizenship, residency and income requirements of the program when you apply. In order to receive New Jersey veteran assistance through VASH you must also produce your armed forces discharge paperwork to prove that you were not dishonorably discharged from military service.

New Jersey veteran assistance is also available to you if you are a home owner, rather than renting a living space. The New Jersey branch of the VA Home Loan Program is available in several locations throughout the state. You must inquire at local lending institutions to see if they take part in the program. The Property Tax Exemption for Veterans in New Jersey may also be available to you if your military service took place during wartime.

Educational Assistance Programs for New Jersey Veterans

If you are in need of New Jersey veterans’ assistance to fund your education, then you may qualify for the Veterans Tuition Credit Program. In order to qualify for New Jersey VTCP assistance, you must have been on active duty during some portion of the time span lasting from December 31, 1960 to May 7, 1975. You must also be a New Jersey resident for at least one year prior to applying or prove that you were residing in New Jersey during your military service. The GI Bill may provide you with further educational assistance as well if you qualify based on your term of service. You must apply for GI Bill benefits through your local VA.

If your parent was a military veteran, then New Jersey veteran assistance programs for children of military veterans may provide you with educational funds. Examples of such programs include the War Orphan Tuition Assistance Program and the POW – MIA Tuition Benefit Program. You must apply for either program through the Veterans Benefits Bureau. In order to qualify for WOTA assistance, your deceased parent must have been a New Jersey resident and you must be a current New Jersey resident. The POW – MIA Tuition Benefit Program also requires you to prove that your parent was a New Jersey resident.

Veteran Employment Assistance in New Jersey

New Jersey veteran assistance for employment includes a state law known as the Veterans Preference law. Under the Veterans Preference law, you must be accepted for employment over equally qualified non-veteran job candidates. However, your military service period must have occurred during wartime or a specific conflict, such as the Operation Enduring Freedom, in order for you to qualify for Veterans Preference through the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

New Jersey veteran employment assistance is also offered at every New Jersey Vet Center in the state. Career counselors at Vet Centers or New Jersey Department of Labor One Stop Career Centers can evaluate your job skills and help you to locate appropriate work. You may also contact the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) if you need to find work suitable for you based on disabilities you have or injuries you received during your military service.

Health Assistance Programs for New Jersey Veterans

New Jersey health assistance programs for physical disorders and age groups vary. Geri-PACT is a program which can help you if you are an elderly veteran. Regardless of your age, you may also qualify for New Jersey Catastrophic Entitlement if you were blinded during your military service or lost the full use of your limbs. You may apply for either program, as well as other specialized forms of veteran physical assistance for which you qualify, through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Veteran Health assistance programs in New Jersey can also provide you with mental health assistance. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) assistance can be obtained through the New Jersey Division of Veterans Services Readjustment Counseling Program. Any New Jersey Vet Center or VA Medical Center will also provide supportive mental health services for you if you are a qualifying veteran, including counseling and, in some cases, medication services.

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