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VIN Checks in New Jersey

Motorists may perform a VIN check in New Jersey if they wish to purchase a previously-owned vehicle from a dealership or third-party seller, as doing so helps them learn more about the history of an automobile. Also known as a vehicle identification number check, an instant VIN lookup helps consumers uncover information about a specific automobile, including its brand, manufacturer, engine size and fuel type. Since each digit in a car’s VIN has a different meaning, a vehicle identification number lookup can tell motorists a great deal of information about the automobile in question. Additionally, a VIN number lookup can help consumers feel more comfortable in their decision to purchase a previously-owned car or truck, as a search includes information about an automobile’s brand and title history. Before purchasing a used car, motorists can get an instant VIN report online here. To learn more about checking VIN numbers in New Jersey, review the information below.

What is a New Jersey VIN code lookup and why should I complete one?

Performing a New Jersey VIN check is an important part of the car buying process, as vehicle identification number lookups can help motorists avoid purchasing an unsafe or unreliable automobile in the state. For instance, a VIN code lookup uncovers information about a vehicle’s warranty claims, safety recalls, past registrations, insurance coverage and thefts. A VIN number report also includes information about a vehicle’s title, odometer reading, total loss history, brand and salvage history. Additionally, customers who lookup VIN information can decode each digit in a vehicle’s 17-character vehicle identification number, including the last six characters. With a VIN number check, customers can obtain information about the vehicle’s make, model, year, assembly plant and country of origin. For instance, a New Jersey VIN check decodes the following:

  • The first character – the country in which the vehicle was built
  • The second and third characters – the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • The fourth and eighth characters – the vehicle’s engine type, size and brand
  • The second, third and eighth digits – whether the vehicle uses flexible fuel or not
  • The ninth character – whether the VIN is authorized by the manufacturer or not
  • The 10th character – the vehicle’s model year
  • The 11th character – the plant in which the vehicle was assembled
  • The last six digits – the vehicle’s serial number

If the first character of a VIN code begins with a one, four or a five, then the United States is the vehicle’s country of origin. If the NJ VIN number begins with a two or a three, then Canada or Mexico, respectively, is the vehicle’s country of origin. However, many VIN numbers begin with a letter rather than a number. If VIN codes begin with a J, K, S, V, T, W, Y or Z, then the vehicle’s country of origin is Japan, Korea, the UK, France (or Spain), Switzerland, Germany, Sweden/Finland or Italy, respectively. Furthermore, the 10th digit of the car’s VIN indicates the year in which the vehicle was built. If the 10th digit begins with an A, for instance, then the manufacturing year was 1980. If the 10th digit begins with a J, then the production year was 2018.

As such, a New Jersey VIN number check can help consumers to feel more comfortable in their decision to purchase a used vehicle in the state. If customers order a VIN history report and find unpleasant or suspicious information about the automobile in question, then they may walk away from the sale and search for a more suitable car, truck, van or SUV. To get started, motorists may perform an instant VIN check online here.

How to Locate a New Jersey VIN Number

Before looking up VIN number information, motorists must first locate their car’s number, which is often indicated on automobile insurance cards and registration certificates. Additionally, drivers can locate a VIN by inspecting the vehicle’s windshield. For instance, a car’s vehicle identification code is generally visible near the lower left side of the automobile’s windshield. The easiest way to locate a VIN code, however, is to stand outside of the vehicle rather than sitting inside. Alternately, motorists can find a vehicle identification number by inspecting the door post on the driver’s side of the vehicle. After finding the car’s New Jersey VIN, customers may order a vehicle identification number report online here.

When to Perform a VIN Lookup in New Jersey

Since a car’s VIN serves as its fingerprints, it is important to complete a vehicle identification number check before purchasing a previously-owned automobile. When motorists check VIN number information, they will ensure that the vehicle in question is safe, reliable and free of any title brands or descriptive labels (such as “junk”, “flood” or “salvage”). Additionally, VIN checks can help drivers to verify the validity of the vehicle’s title, helping them to avoid purchasing a stolen or fraudulent automobile. A vehicle identification number lookup even helps motorists to avoid becoming a victim of odometer fraud. With odometer fraud, buyers generally end up paying more for a vehicle than its fair market value. However, VIN code lookups can steer customers away from unsafe or fraudulent vehicles. Furthermore, a New Jersey VIN report includes important information about a vehicle’s current or past safety recalls. For this reason, obtaining a used vehicle’s VIN history is a crucial part of the car buying process. To get an instant VIN check in NJ, customers may submit a request online here.

How to Check VIN Number in New Jersey

After locating a car’s VIN, motorists may order an online vehicle history report to learn more about the used vehicle in question. When completing a VIN check in NJ, customers simply need to provide the vehicle identification number to instantly order their online report. If customers cannot locate a vehicle’s VIN code, however, then they may be able to complete a search by providing the car’s license plate number instead. To order a VIN history report from New Jersey, motorists may instantly submit a request here.

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