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How to Perform a Car Registration Address Change in New Jersey

To change car registration address in New Jersey with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), you must make formal requests. An address change on car registration should be performed immediately following a move to or within the state. Changing car registration address information involves contacting the MVC online, in person or by mail and submitting the appropriate forms necessary to process the request. Learn how to change car registration address information in New Jersey, the options for doing so and the consequences associated with not changing your address to maintain valid vehicle privileges.

Options for Changing a Car Registration Address in New Jersey

A change of address car registration application in NJ may be completed in a few ways. Learning how to change the address on your car registration is an essential part in maintaining accurate records and ensuring that all important registration documents are delivered to the correct location. Although there are multiple methods for changing your address, you may be restricted from requesting an address change if you wish to alter or update additional information on your car registration or other vehicle documents. Restrictions also apply if your registration is expiring soon or if you are only temporarily relocating to a different address. To learn how to change address on registration documents at an MVC agency, online or by mail, you can follow the steps listed in the appropriate section below.

In-Person Address Change

A DMV change of address registration may be performed in person at a local MVC agency. If you update your address in person, then you are eligible to receive official credentials reflecting the address change rather than a printable, electronic confirmation letter. These credentials will be delivered to you within two weeks of the address change request. Required documents to change your car registration address in person include identification documents, proof of previous and current addresses, a valid Social Security Number and an address change fee. The fee does not include the charge for an updated registration document displaying the new address. You are charged an additional fee for new documents.

Acceptable forms of identification for changing car registration addresses must adhere to the six-point system in the state. According to state law, you must present at least one primary document and one secondary document that add up to six points. For example, to verify a DMV car registration address change, you may provide a birth certificate, passport or drivers license with one of the following secondary documents:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • U.S. school or college photo ID card with transcripts
  • Military discharge papers

You will receive a new car registration document following the approval of the address change.

Online Address Change

An online change of car registration address may be conducted using the MVC’s address change system. You may use the online system to change car registration address details by logging into the system. While the system requires a driver’s license number or a non-driver ID number and a Social Security Number to properly identify you, you may also use the number labeled “DL” on car registration documents instead of a driver license number if you do not possess one.

Once you are in the system, you may need to provide information found on your car registration including, but not limited to, your vehicle’s VIN, expiration date and previous and current addresses. To finish the car registration address change request, you must submit an online payment by providing your credit or debit card information. After changing your car registration address information, a confirmation letter will be electronically delivered to you in about two weeks.

Address Change by Mail

Finally, you have the option to change car registration addresses by mail. To complete a change of address on car registration application, you must enclose a signed letter explaining the reason for the address change request, a copy of your driving license or non-driver ID card and proof of new address. Acceptable proof of residential address to change car registration address may include the following:

  • Recent utility or credit card bill
  • Bank statement
  • Lease or rental agreement with your name
  • Property tax bill
  • First-class mail from federal, state or local government agencies
  • A parent or guardian certification verifying residential address (only if you are younger than 18 years old)

All change of address car registration applications with required documents can be mailed to the address listed below:

Database Corrections Unit

P.O. Box 141

Trenton, NJ 08666

When to Change Your Car Registration Address in New Jersey

You should change car registration address in NJ after moving to or within the state. The MVC encourages you to change the address on your car registration as soon as possible to amend the issue and maintain accurate records. Occasionally, however, the MVC will incorrectly list your address. If this occurs, then you are responsible for notifying the MVC immediately.

When You Can Update Your New Jersey Car Registration Address Without Penalties

You have one week to report car registration address changes following a move, indicated by state law. If you do not change car registration address information, then you may face penalties for sustaining inaccurate or insufficient registration. Due to the time required to process address changes, you are advised to keep all confirmation letters and credentials as proof of the address change until you receive the new car registration form. All official confirmation letters indicating that you have applied for a car registration address change will be accepted in place of the car registration.

Penalties for Not Changing Your New Jersey Car Registration Address on Time

Failure to change car registration address details within one week of a move may result in fines. Additionally, not changing car registration address information can cause delays and complications when receiving important registration information or material from the MVC. You should learn how to change car registration address information prior to incurring fines and other penalties.

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