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Renew New Jersey Car Registration

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A vehicle registration renewal in New Jersey must be performed prior to the registration’s expiration date for the document to have validity. A DMV vehicle registration renewal indicates that a vehicle is still owned by the owners on record and is still operated on public roads and highways. Learning how to renew car registration is an important part of maintaining vehicle records and driving privileges. Renewing car registration involves submitting the appropriate forms and paying the required renewal fee. Learn how to renew car registration in New Jersey to maintain valid driving privileges in the state.

Options for Renewing a Car Registration in New Jersey

You can perform an annual car registration renewal in NJ in a few ways. Each DMV auto registration renewal method is offered to all residents, so you should choose the method that suits you best and is the most convenient. However, some methods may be restricted depending on the status of your registration and your access to certain types of information, such as a credit card. Additionally, you may need to take other actions if vehicle inspections are due. All vehicle registration renewal requests will be processed as soon as possible and a new registration will be sent to you in one to two weeks.

Renewing Online

To renew car registration online, you must have the following documents:

  • Your registration renewal form
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your NJ vehicle insurance card
  • A valid credit card

Although the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has waived the online processing fee for vehicle registration renewals, you must still pay the standard renewal fee via a credit card. To complete the online transaction, you will need to provide the PIN printed on your renewal notice form. Once the MVC has obtained and processed all your information and confirmed your renewal payment, a new car registration will be sent to you displaying the new expiration date. You may not renew car registration online if it is past the expiration date listed on your registration.

Renewing in Person

To renew NJ car registration in person at an MVC agency, you must bring your vehicle insurance card, license plate number and payment for the renewal fee. When renewing car registration in person, you should ask for a receipt of the renewal if one is not automatically provided for you. The receipt should be kept for your personal records and shown to an MVC agent if you have difficulties receiving a new car registration. You may renew expired car registration when requesting the renewal in person. However, you are encouraged to renew a vehicle registration before its expiration to avoid penalties.

Renewing by Mail

Renewing car registration by mail requires you to enclose the correct payment amount in the form of a check or money order addressed to the MVC with the renewal notice in the provided envelope. If you do not have the provided envelope or choose to use a different envelope to complete the vehicle registration renewal, then you must mail your renewal notice and payment to the following address:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Revenue Processing Center

P.O. Box 009

Trenton NJ 08646-0009

Once your car registration renewal request is received and evaluated, a new car registration will be delivered to you. While you are unable to renew car registration by phone, you may contact the MVC by phone with questions regarding a lost renewal notice or the absence of a renewed registration at the following number: (609) 292-6500.

Note: All vehicle registration renewal fees may vary based on the type of vehicle and registration you have. The cost of all renewal fees should be listed on registration notices.

When to Renew Car Registration in New Jersey

Approximately three months before an expired car registration date occurs, you should receive a registration renewal notice from the MVC. This notice allows you to renew your car registration online, in person or by mail. You should ensure that you have enough time to renew New Jersey vehicle registration before your documentation expires to avoid being ticketed. While you may renew expired car registration, you are advised to complete the process as soon as you receive your renewal notice.

Requirements for New Jersey Registration Renewal

There are no late vehicle registration renewal fees or grace periods for expired registration in NJ. Since renewing car registration confirms your vehicle has insurance and has passed necessary inspections, renewals are required annually in the state. You are required to have the documents mentioned above to complete the renewal request. Additionally, you must be the owner of the vehicle or have permission from the vehicle’s owner to perform the renewal.

Penalties for Not Renewing New Jersey Registration on Time

Although there are no definite penalties for not renewing car registration before it expires, you are subject to fines and traffic tickets if you drive your vehicle without renewing the registration. According to NJ law, failure to renew car registration may result in charges of failure to possess a driver’s license or registration and driving or parking an unregistered motor vehicle.

Renewing New Jersey Car Registration While Out of State

NJ residents temporarily out of state when they are required to renew car registration may request the renewal online or by mail. However, if you are in the process of relocating to another state, then you should notify the MVC that you will not be renewing your car registration and instead register your vehicle in the state to which you are moving.

Renewing as a Military Member

Military members in NJ are eligible for car registration renewal extensions, which means they may renew their registration documents up to six months preceding their deployment dates or up to 90 days after returning from deployment, without penalties. However, to receive the DMV vehicle registration renewal extension, they must present their military IDs and apply for an administrative order by mailing copies of their deployment orders to the following address:

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

Performance Management Office

P.O. Box 163

Trenton, NJ 08666-163

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